Coolest Hibiscus Flower Pregnant Belly Cake

Homemade Hibiscus Flower Pregnant Belly Cake

I made this Hibiscus Flower Pregnant Belly Cake in the same way as my previous “Punk Rock Baby Cake” (#37). This hibiscus flower cake was made for my co-worker and friend. We are both Orthopedic nurses in Baltimore, she is from Trinidad and is expecting a little girl. So, this handmade fondant cakes dress is … Read more

Coolest Rock Climbing Cake

Homemade Rock Climbing Cake

This Rock Climbing Cake was my very first attempt at sculpting a cake. No previous experience with creative cake making or decorating classes. For my son’s seventh birthday we were taking him to a local rock climbing gym in Baltimore. So, I had a last minute idea that came to me in a dream. The … Read more