Cool Homemade Cupcake Bouquet

Homemade Cupcake Bouquet

Any inexpensive dollar store vase will do for this Cupcake Bouquet, nothing to light though. Need a Styrofoam ball, one that will fit nicely into your vase. Make your cupcakes, cool, icing and attach to toothpicks that you will insert into the Styrofoam ball. I also added some artificial green stems carefully after adding the … Read more

Coolest Hockey Skate Cake

Homemade Hockey Skate Cake

The cake is 11 x 15 Wilton cake pan. It uses 2 store bought cake mixes. The cake is iced with Wilton’s buttercream icing and layered with icing as well. The skate and puck are made from rice krispie squares recipe and shaped. Fondant icing is used to cover the skate and puck. Everything is … Read more

Coolest Toronto Maple Leafs Cake

Homemade Toronto Maple Leafs Cake

I made this Toronto Maple Leafs Cake for family members moving to Toronto. It was the farewell party cake. It’s 2 11 x 15 cake with buttercream icing in the middle. I used plastic dowel rods so the cake would not move to much while being transported to the location. I covered the cake with … Read more