Cool Homemade Toolbox Birthday Cake

Homemade Toolbox Birthday Cake

My dad’s 50 birthday was this week and we had a surprise party. He loves carrot cake, but no one else did, so being fall and all I made a pumpkin spice cake and creamcheese frosting. The cake was baked in cookie sheets so they were thin. Four layers of cake and frosting and then … Read more

Cool Homemade Harley Davidson Logo Cake

Homemade Harley Davidson Cake

I was asked by a woman at my son’s preschool if I could make a homemade Harley Davidson cake for her husband’s surprise 39th birthday party. He is a big fan of Harley’s (she wanted just the logo). I gave her some ideas and pics of other cakes and she picked one with the logo … Read more