Cool Homemade Harley Davidson Logo Cake

I was asked by a woman at my son’s preschool if I could make a homemade Harley Davidson cake for her husband’s surprise 39th birthday party. He is a big fan of Harley’s (she wanted just the logo). I gave her some ideas and pics of other cakes and she picked one with the logo and flames saying that it looked similar to his tattoo… *light bulb*, I made the homemade Harley Davidson cake to look like his tattoo after getting a picture of it.

The cake itself is a white cake approx 15×15 cut into a hexagonal shape, traditional buttercream frosting. Vanilla chip whipped cream filling. I hand made the Harley logo out of fondant, it took 3.5 hours to do the logo. I used a picture of the Harley logo the exact same size as I wanted to get the scale right. I placed the logo on the cake and added the flames just as they were on his tattoo.

He was very surprised and loved the homemade Harley Davidson cake. Many people were blown away by the logo they thought it was fake. Loved making this one.

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