Ahoy me-Harteys! It’s a Johnny Depp Anime Cake

My gorgeous friend Leah was throwing a surprise party for her hubbies big 3-0 and asked for a Pirate themed cake to follow their dinner at a well-known Mexican cafe. So what else could I make but a chili-chocolate, swashbuckling pirate with as much swagger as Mr Depp himself!  Thus, this pirate-treat was born and devoured … Read more

Coolest Teal and Gold Cake

Coolest Teal and Gold Cake

I’m a home-hobby caker who essentially makes cakes for friends, family and fundraising.  I especially love getting a commission where I can design my own cake and I have free-reign to try and test new techniques that perhaps I’m not so confident at doing when someone is actually PAYING me to make their dream cake.  So, … Read more

Daffodils Donation Cake for Relay of Life

Daffodils Donation Cake for Relay of Life

 As part of my New Years resolutions for 2013 I committed myself to participating in more community activities and events – particularly those events that raise funds for charities. And so, I enthusiastically signed myself up to walk for 24-hours in the Relay for Life event in Rockingham/Kwinana.  In addition to helping my team raise over $1500 … Read more

Coolest Cowboy Hat Cake Design

Homemade  Cowboy Hat Cake Design

My masseuse Gitta was turning 45 and for her birthday she was off on a horse riding adventure in the States! So, what was more appropriate for her birthday than a Cowboy Hat Cake Design! To make this cake I stacked 2 oval shaped cakes on top of one another and carved the top one … Read more

Coolest Mermaid Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Mermaid Birthday Cake Design

This Mermaid Birthday Cake Design was of course inspired as much by Debbie Brown as it was by my niece’s love of mermaids! I chopped into 3 round sponge cakes, descending gradually in size and covered each with a slightly different green/blue RTR. I followed one of DB’s amazing cake books for ideas of how … Read more