Coolest Cowboy Hat Cake Design

My masseuse Gitta was turning 45 and for her birthday she was off on a horse riding adventure in the States! So, what was more appropriate for her birthday than a Cowboy Hat Cake Design!

To make this cake I stacked 2 oval shaped cakes on top of one another and carved the top one down a little on one side to make the slope of the hat. I rolled a 8mm thick circle of RTR with some tylose kneaded through and used a compass drawn circle cut out on baking paper to trim the rolled fondant into a circular brim. I dried this on baking paper with a cake tin resting on the top and a tea-towel wrapped around and tied at the top to create the curve of the brim as it set.

I cut stars and hearts out of white icing and glossed them up with edible glitter and paint to decorate the top part of the hat and when the brim was dry, I put it all together on a cake board using sugar syrup.

This idea came from some Google research and I found a fantastic Step-By-Step instruction page which helped a lot!

Thank you to those cake-lovers who share their experiences and knowledge with people like me!

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  1. Hi
    What an great cake! I have to do a cake for a friends 40th and was wondering where you found the step by step instructions?


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