Coolest ‘Adam is 2’ Birthday Cake

'Adam is 2' Birthday Cake

This ‘Adam is 2’ Birthday Cake is one chocolate cake, on top of a vanilla cake,(strawberry jam and fresh double cream in the middle) and another chocolate cake on top (the 2) fresh double cream in between. Then covered in fondant (sugar paste) that I colored myself at home, then decorated with cream and 100’s … Read more

Coolest Minnie Mouse 1st Bday Cake

Homemade Minnie Mouse 1st Bday Cake

I made two 10 inch cakes. Put jam and cream in the middle. Covered the cake in pink buttercream icing. Used fondant that I bought and colored pink, to make the little flowers and the butterflies. Printed a picture of Minnie Mouse off the PC, and used that as an example to draw the Minnie … Read more