Coolest Ever Homemade Ben 10 and Alien Birthday Cake

Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake

This Homemade Ben 10 Birthday Cake was made for a 6 year old who wanted a Ben 10 cake to have at his Superheroes Party. Ben 10 has lots of complex characters (that frankly I had no clue about!), so he gave me a run down of the different types of characters, and what his … Read more

Coolest Upsy Daisy 3D Birthday Cake

Homemade Upsy Daisy 3D Birthday Cake

I make my own cakes, buttercream, cream cheese frosting and marshmallow fondant. It reassures me when I take it to a birthday party I can hand-on-heart tell a parent exactly what is in the cake. All the following measurements are in Australian metric measurements, and Australian products are mentioned. I use Wilton colouring pastes for … Read more