Cool Homemade Haunted House Birthday Cake

Haunted House Cake

My granddaughter’s birthday is October 28th so we decided to have a Halloween birthday party. I baked a 13×9 vanilla cake and frosted it with chocolate fudge frosting. I added a pumpkin patch with candy pumpkins and green butter cream frosting.  I made cookie tombstones and a graveyard fence by dipping pretzels in melted chocolate … Read more

Coolest Teacher Appreciation Day Cake

Homemade Teacher Appreciation Day Cake

I needed a cake for my granddaughter’s kindergarten class. The cake was for teacher appreciation day. After checking this and other web sites and not finding the exact cake I wanted, I borrowed several different ideas from different cakes and came up with this Teacher Appreciation Day Cake. The cake is a 1/4 vanilla sheet … Read more