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Coolest Teacher Appreciation Day Cake

I needed a cake for my granddaughter’s kindergarten class. The cake was for teacher appreciation day. After checking this and other web sites and not finding the exact cake I wanted, I borrowed several different ideas from different cakes and came up with this Teacher Appreciation Day Cake.

The cake is a 1/4 vanilla sheet cake with green buttercream icing for the grass, Little Debbie cookie bars for the garden border, I crushed up chocolate cream cookies for the dirt. I baked flower and leaf cookies and iced them in pastel colors. I used Necco candy wafers for the face and piped on black frosting for eyes and mouth.

The cookies were then “glued” to craft sticks with buttercream icing. I made two signs, one with the teacher’s name and one with a picture of the entire class with the teacher with a note that said, “Thank you for helping us grow”. The teacher and children were very thrilled with the cake.

Thanks for all the wonderful ideas that everyone shares.

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  1. That was an absolutely adorable idea. I have two little girls that would love to make it. It looked like a lot of fun. thank you so much for sharing it with us.


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