Simple Homemade Ducky Cake

Homemade Ducky Cake

When I ask my friend what her interest were she replied, “Beer, Cigarettes and Ducks!” So I used the 3-D ducky cake pan but when I didn’t read the directions to wait 3 hours before removing the cake, I ended up with 3/4 of a duck. So I fixed it. I simply baked an 11 … Read more

Coolest Bonsai Tree Cake

Homemade Bonsai Tree Cake

I have a friend who is Chinese. When I asked her what she liked she told me trees and rabbits. So I made her this Bonsai tree cake. I baked an 9 x 11 chocolate cake (I use strictly Duncan Hines, unless it is a specialty cake like red velvet or carrot). I piped the … Read more