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Simple Homemade Ducky Cake

When I ask my friend what her interest were she replied, “Beer, Cigarettes and Ducks!” So I used the 3-D ducky cake pan but when I didn’t read the directions to wait 3 hours before removing the cake, I ended up with 3/4 of a duck. So I fixed it.

I simply baked an 11 x 14, iced it in blue icing to look like water and laid the duck on the water. Then I used an 18 tip to make stars all over his body, smoothed the beak and used a white gumball for his eye. I used a small thin brush to paint veins in his eyes, we cut a beer can in half length wise and placed it in front/side of the duck. We used a Neapolitan coconut candy bar, trimmed off the chocolate and strawberry and molded the white part with a little powered sugar/cornstarch.

Then we added a little red to the end so it looked like the fire end. Then we took a small bit of a cotton ball, sprayed it real well with hairspray and formed it to look wispy like smoke. I fried had to add a few gum balls for “gas”.

My friend was ecstatic with her birthday cake and it was unusual and fun.

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