Out of this World Alien Piñata Cake

MERGE: Out of this World Alien Pinata Cake

This was my husband’s first solo foray into birthday cake making for our kids – now he shows EVERYONE a photo. He started by making a white chocolate shell (melting choc and swirling around the inside of a greased pudding tin and freezing – 3 layers on top of each other). This would serve as … Read more

Coolest Little Piggy Cake

Homemade Little Piggy Cake

This Little Piggy Cake represents the nursery rhyme “This little piggy (went to market…etc etc)”. I made it for my daughter’s first birthday. Each pig represents one of the five pigs in the rhyme. I made up two chocolate cake mixes – one went into a round tin, the other mix was split into six … Read more