Awesome Cookie Monster Cake

For my twins birthday cakes I made a Cookie Monster and an Elmo cake. I used the Wilton 3D teddy bear cake tin which took about 3 packet mixes of butter cake. Once cooked and cooled I cut the ears and arms off the bear so I could put arms and longer legs on. I used sponge fingers for the arms and legs which were secured onto the body of the cake with skewers.

I did a crumb coating (thin layer of icing) on the cake in blue and left it for about 2 hours to set. Make sure you use gel food coloring to get the right color.  Once the crumb coating was set I did a thicker layer of icing which I then swirled around with my finger to make it look like fur sticking out in different directions

The eyes were made out of icing sugar and water mixed until it would hold it’s shape and secured to the cake with skewers. The pupils were cut from a strip of licorice and secured by a toothpick.

The cookies were just bought from the shop and placed in front of Cookie Monster.

The cake was an absolute hit and well worth the effort.

Progress shot showing arms and legs