Fun Homemade Cookie Monster Cupcakes

These Cookie Monster Cupcakes are chocolate, and each cupcake has a half Oreo cookie (cream side up) hiding at the bottom of the cupcake liner as an added surprise! Once they cooled, I then filled the cupcakes with a whipped cream and cookie crumb mixture using a piping bag.

I frosted the cupcakes with blue buttercream, and then dipped the tops in sparkling blue sugar. The mouths are made from Oreo cookies cut in half with a sharp knife and then inserted into the cupcake. I cut a slit with a sharp knife to facilitate this process, which was probably the most tricky part of the construction.

Cookie Monster’s eyes were made from vanilla melt wafers with carefully pressed on dried blueberries. Everybody loved these. They are very labor intensive, but I was pleased with the end result!




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  1. I would love to know the exact recipe for these, so can you email it to me or tell me where i can get the recipe? thankyou.


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