Awesome Homemade 3D Lamb Cake

Homemade Lamb Cake

I made a chocolate cake in an aluminum lamb mold. I added toothpicks in the ears and part of a wooden skewer in the neck. I had too much batter so I made the remainder of the batter into cupcakes. Once the lamb cake was cooled, I put a buttercream frosting crumb coat on the … Read more

Coolest Easter Lamb Cake

Homemade Easter Lamb Cake

This is the second Easter lamb cake I have made. I do have a older Wilton Easter Lamb cake pan. I like this pan better than the newer ones where the ears stand up. I didn’t want to have a broken eared lamb! This took two boxed pound cakes to make. I made homemade real-buttercream … Read more

Cool Homemade Lamb Cake

Homemade Wooly Lamb Cake

This stand-up lamb cake is a chocolate sour cream pound cake with 1M buttercream swirls and gumball eyes and nose (halved). I used tip 14 pull-out stars for grass. My family loved this moist cake; this is my second 3D cake using this recipe which is available at My mom requested this cake for … Read more

Cool DIY Lamb Cake

Coolest Lamb Cake Photos - Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

I baked one square cake and one round for this lamb cake. Cut the square into four equally sized pieces. I placed them on a cake plate after base icing them. I then put the trim on the blocks. I then connected the pillars for the second plate to rest on. On this was the … Read more