Awesome Homemade Sharknado Cake

Sharknado cake!

We made this Sharknado cake for our son’s 11th Birthday. We’re fans of the cheesy sharknado movies, so this was perfect! We made the chainsaw out of rice cereal treats, and lots of fondant. The shark teeth was the hardest! It took several tries sculpting the teeth.

Coolest Shark Breach Cake

Shark Breach Cake

This is my oldest son’s 8th birthday cake.  We had a shark themed party.  He wanted a 3-D shark cake. I did about four test cakes on this one.  I was wanting to make a shark’s head with its mouth open. (I have included a pic of the test cake)  I made this same cake … Read more

Cool Armadillo Cake

armadillo cake

This Armadillo cake was made for a man who works with my husband. His wife asked me to make it for him for a surprise. This was a first for me. I have never made and Armadillo cake before. I think it turned out really cool. This cake is made out of three Red Velvet … Read more

15+ Cool DIY Monkey Cake Designs for the Birthday Cake Enthusiast

Coolest Monkey Cake Ideas

Here are some of the coolest monkey cake designs. Who doesn’t love monkeys? These animals are pure genius. They are known for their amusing behavior and are also known to play pranks on humans! Whether its a birthday or a baby shower, Monkey Cakes are sure to add positive energy to the party. 1. Coolest 3D … Read more

Coolest Duckie Bathtub Birthday Cake

Homemade Duckie Bathtub Birthday Cake

I made this Duckie Bathtub cake for my daugther’s first birthday. First, I made two 8″ round cakes and layered them using buttercream frosting. Then I colored the piping gel blue and applied this to the top to give the look of water. I added the rubber duck to the top. I then appiled graham … Read more

Adorably Awesome 3D Paw Patrol Cake

3 year old daughters paw patrol cake

I work full time in an office and part time in a bakery, but when my little girl asked for a “pupcake” instead of cupcake, I made sure this Paw Patrol cake would be something to remember. In order to bake the cake, I used 8 inch round chocolate cake. Then, I layered it with … Read more

Awesome Bushel of Crabs Cake


I wanted to make an old bay crab cake to take to a family cook out. The bushel basket was all cake covered with fondant. I made all the crabs out of fondant and dusted each one with red, orange and yellow petal dust.  I made the two ears of corn and the two mallets … Read more

Awesome Homemade Dalmatian Fire Truck Cake

dalmatian fire truck cake

I made this fun dalmatian fire truck cake for a friend’s little boy’s birthday party. I truly put a lot of heart into making this cake, as the boy’s father had passed away not even a year earlier. This was his first birthday without his dad, and I wanted to create something that would make him … Read more

Coolest Homemade Snake Birthday Cake

Homemade Snake Birthday Cake

I used two bundt cakes and cut them in half to make the body and cut a little of one in a triangular shape to make the head of the Homemade Snake Birthday Cake. Bought white icing and colored it with food coloring to make the green and yellow. Then I bought M&M’s to make … Read more

Coolest Rubber Ducky Cake

Rubber Ducky Cake

My Rubber Ducky cake was for my sister in law’s Baby shower. I wanted a duck but didn’t want to buy a specialty pan because I didn’t think I’d use it again so I made a picture of a duck on a large paper and I wanted it to look like it was swimming in … Read more

Coolest Homemade TY Teddy and Horse Stable Cake


I made this cake for my daughter who loves horses and has a huge collection of ty teddies. I started off with the stable which is a copy of a cake I had seen before. It is made with chocolate and Rice Krispies. I shaped then to look like a stable then covered it completely … Read more

Awesome Homemade Horse Head Cake

Horse cake

I had a dear friend loved appaloosa horses she had one like this. So for her birthday I surprised  her. I used Rice Krispies for the molded head, the neck was buttercake and white choc ganache layers and made bit thicker than usual to support the head weight. I put a steel rod through cake … Read more

Awesome Pony Head Cake

Beautiful pony head cake

The thought of making a pony head cake was a little daunting for me! When I was asked to make a pony head I cake I have to say I was a little worried. The first image that sprung to mind was that terrible scene from The Godfather However, I am always up for a … Read more

Turtle-tastic! Turtle Cake


I made this cute Turtle Cake for my niece’s birthday. It is a two layer cake covered with store bought, blue frosting. The other frosting colors I made using white frosting, dyed using gel food coloring. The seaweed was made using a round Wilton frosting tip. I piped squiggly lines starting at the bottom and going … Read more

Amazing Homemade Jungle Cake with a Waterfall

Final view of the cake at the venue!

I made this Jungle cake for a 1-year-old birthday boy.  His parents wanted a jungle themed cake and left the ideas and designs up to me.  I came up with the idea of making a waterfall in the center of the jungle cake.  I never had any formal training in cake decorating. I learned through … Read more

Realistic 3D Sculpted Bulldog Cake

Realistic 3D Sculpted Bulldog Cake

This was our second ever sculpted cake. The body of the bulldog is made of cake layered and then carved, then taken apart – divider boards placed every two layers and reassembled. The head and legs/paws are rice crispy treats. We covered with fondant and then hand painted our furry little friend then add a color. … Read more

Scary Realistic Black Snake Cake

Scary Realistic Black Snake Cake

I had no idea how this cake was going to work and it was my first cake using fondant. I cut the shape that looked okay but still wasn’t sure how it would turn out. Not knowing what to use for the scales I went to the hardware store and looked at everything possible I … Read more

Awesome 3D Tiger cake

Awesome 3D Tiger cake

I made this cake as a surprised gift from husband to the wife. The husband asked me to make her a cake and incorporate some tiger because she was gonna be a tiger for halloween. So, I made a her an orange chiffon cake filled with cream cheese frosting. I made  a 12″ round cake (face) … Read more

Coolest Shark Cake

Coolest Shark Cake

My little boy is madly in love with sharks and dinosaurs. It came as no surprise when he wanted a shark cake for his birthday. Blue fondant covered the cake and a combination of icing and fondant made the rest. To get the fins and tail to really stick – I cut out cardboard in … Read more

Coolest Safari Birthday Cake Ever

Coolest Safari Birthday Cake Ever

My Safari cake is my own creation that was created for a young mom who was pregnant with her first child and her family was giving her a baby shower. Three yrs ago I did her wedding cake and I am still making cakes for her and her family when they need something unique. A … Read more

Cool Flamingo Cake

Cool Flamingo Cake

Our sweet girl turned 4 and is in love with everything flamingo, so naturally she requested a flamingo cake. When I realized that I could use chocolate covered pretzel rods to make the legs into the shape of a number 4, I knew it would be the perfect cake for her fourth birthday! Plus, I … Read more

Coolest Turtle Cake

Coolest Turtle Cake

I made this cute little party turtle cake for a friends daughter’s 12th birthday. It was by far the most rewarding cake i have made yet. I’m not much of a cake sculptor so this was a definite challenge I was undertaking. I made it by first starting off with a 2- 1/4 sheet cakes, … Read more

Cute Ducky Baby Shower Cake

Cute Ducky Baby Shower Cake

I was asked to make my grandsons baby shower cake. I was a little hesitant to do it because I’ve never used fondent but i did it! I’ve made three more cakes and now making plans to make my moms 70th birthday cake. I’m so excited but its a month away so I have wait. I got … Read more

Pretty Chiffon Koala Bear Cake

Pretty Chiffon Koala Bear Cake

Sharing a cute chiffon cake Koala Bear creation: Neapolitan chiffon cake filled with marshmallow surprise and then topped with a chiffon cake koala bear! I specialize in creative chiffon cakes and absolutely find joy in making adorable chiffon cakes that are fondant-free that delight people! This chiffon cake was made for my friend’s hubby, whose … Read more