Coolest Baby Shower Carriage Cake

Homemade Baby Shower Carriage Cake

I made this Baby Shower Carriage Cake for my daughter and my niece who are both having baby boys about 3 weeks apart. I made one lemon cake mix in a 10 inch standard cake pan and 6 cupcakes in silver cupcake liners (2 were not used). I slightly trimmed the top outer edge to … Read more

Coolest Stroller Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Stroller Baby Shower Cake

To start with this Homemade Stroller Baby Shower Cake I made from a fruit cake in an 11 inch round tin, basically a Christmas cake recipe with brandy so the main part of the cake would last! The wheels and handle were made from Madeira cake in a 9inch round tin. I cut a v … Read more

Coolest Baby Carriage Cake

Homemade Baby Carriage Cake

I made this baby carriage cake for a baby shower. She was feeding quite a bit of guests so just one cake would not do. I made a sheet cake, 11×14, and then set the carriage cake on top. I made the sheet with chocolate cake mix and the carriage was yellow cake. That way … Read more

Coolest Baby in Pram Cake

Homemade Baby in Pram Cake

I usually just make cakes for my kids but recently have been asked by several people to make cakes for them. I was asked to have a go at this baby in pram cake for a friend. I was so pleased the way it turned out, it was the first time I’d done it!! The … Read more

Coolest Baby Shower Cake Idea for a Bassinet and Stroller 2

I really enjoyed the challenge of this cake. I made it for my best friends baby shower. I got the baby shower cake idea off and followed the instructions. I made the pillow and wheels out of a sugar cookie. I made the buggy top on the Wilton Easter Egg cake pan. A useful … Read more

Coolest Baby Carriage Shower Cake

Homemade Baby Carriage Shower Cake

My old friend from college is going to have a baby boy in 2 weeks. She’s bringing a new Mets fan into the world and this Baby Carriage Shower Cake was my tribute. The cake was a real hit at her baby shower. I used two 9×13 cake pans and placed the cakes next to … Read more

Coolest Baby Shower Cake Idea for a Bassinet and Stroller 3

I made this cake for a surprise baby shower we had for our classmate in my Italian language class. I used the Wilton baby carriage cake and followed instructions for the checker board pattern. I used a little of my own baby shower cake idea and made candies for the booties and rattle. The babys … Read more

Coolest Baby Stroller Cake 33

Homemade Baby Stroller Cake

I baked this Homemade Baby Stroller Cake in a large round cake pan and then cut out a triangle shape to create the top of the cake (looks like Pac Man). I iced the top in butter cream (color of your choice), then piped with a basket weave tip the lattice work. In the color … Read more

Cool Homemade Baby Carriage Cake Using Wilton Carriage Cake Pan

Baby Carriage Cake

This baby carriage cake was made using a Wilton Carriage cake pan for a baby shower (a boy). The icing is regular buttercream which I flavored with mint. I did this because the small decorations on the hood of the carriage and the wheels are baby mints (which by the way are delicious). They come … Read more