Coolest Bassinet Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Bassinet Baby Shower Cake

This Bassinet Baby Shower Cake all started out as a simple baby bottom cake for my daughter’s baby shower. Then I saw a cool zoo animal crib cake on TV and decided to combine the two designs. I started out making crispy treat animals covered in fondant, unfortunately they came out larger than expected so … Read more

Cute Homemade Orange Baby Carriage Cake

Homemade Baby Carriage Cake

I made this baby carriage cake for my daughter-in-law after she brought beautiful Zoey Isabella home from the hospital. I used the Wilton baby carriage pan and their white decorator frosting which crusts up really well and then three tubes of pink Wilton frosting tubes with a star tip attached for the hood of the … Read more

Coolest Baby Basket Cake

Homemade Baby Basket Cake

I made this Baby Basket Cake for my friend’s baby boy’s Christening. I started with 2 12″ rectangle sponge cakes made from fresh ingredients (no packet mixes). I also baked 3 8″ round cakes, 1 strawberry, 1 vanilla, and 1 chocolate. I laid the 2 rectangle cakes on top of each other with vanilla butter … Read more

Coolest Baby Buggy Shower Cake

Homemade Baby Buggy Shower Cake

This little baby buggy was designed with a little baby boy in mind! I baked a banana cake and let it cool. I made my icing with: 1 & 1/2 c. of Crisco, a 2 pound bag of powder sugar, and 1/2 c. water. I used 2 teaspoons of almond extract in my icing. I … Read more

Coolest Baby Cot Cake

This Homemade Baby Cot Cake is my second cake. It is a basic sponge cake with fondant icing. All is edible on the cake. Due to time restriction I should have cut the cot ends out and let them harden overnight but didn’t so I have a cotton bud and piece of icing helping to … Read more

Coolest Carriage Diaper Cake

Homemade Carriage Diaper Cake

I made this Carriage Diaper Cake for my first nephew Zachary, who was born on Valentine’s Day 2010. It was made from a storage basket, large blanket, ribbon, stickers, baby shower favors, and of course lots of diapers! I started off with a design but then I got carried away and just started winging it. … Read more

Coolest Baby Carriage Diaper Cake

Homemade Baby Carriage Diaper Cake

This adorable Baby Carriage Diaper cake is made from 115 pampers swaddler diapers. Each wheel uses 10 diapers which are held together with a rubber band and are placed around a tubing which is covered with a onesie. A flower is then carefully placed inside the tubing. There is a baby outfit used to cover … Read more