Coolest Rock Star KISS Cake

This Rock Star KISS cake was made out of cupcakes. When my boss came to me and told me we needed a cake to promote the new Kiss album I thought alright!  This ought to be fun. So I made a cake to do that but a customer wanted a Kiss cake also. They wanted cupcakes. … Read more

Coolest Kiss/ Gene Simmons Cake

Coolest Kiss/ Gene Simmons Cake

The head of the Kiss/ Gene Simmons cake was molded from rice krispies, covered in fondant, then the face was hand drawn with edible black marker. The hair was made from black molding chocolate and black Twizzlers. The tongue was made from red molding chocolate. The whole head is sitting on a round cake which is … Read more

Coolest KISS Band Cake

Coolest Musical Band Emblem Cake Photos and How-To Tips

This emblem cake is double layer circle cake which I frosted with white then used fruit roll ups for the eye make-up and tongue. I found the store bought frosting tubes or more expensive Wilton color jars will get you true black. No matter what I mixed with other food colorings I kept getting grey. … Read more