Coolest Rock Star KISS Cake

This Rock Star KISS cake was made out of cupcakes. When my boss came to me and told me we needed a cake to promote the new Kiss album I thought alright!  This ought to be fun. So I made a cake to do that but a customer wanted a Kiss cake also. They wanted cupcakes. Our cupcake cakes consist of 24 cupcakes. Then I got a CD and took a picture off it and drew what you see here. I drew it with the tip of the rose nail in partially set up frosting. I frosted each cupcake and then smoothed it out first. I used the grass tip for the black on the hair and around the outside. Then I used a 10 tip to fill in the eyes, mouth, and tongue.

The customers loved it.  I think that is why I do this, is to see the customers faces when they see their cake for the first time. It is awesome.