Awesome Homemade Giraffe Cake

Giraffe cake

Made this cake for my niece who loves giraffes. I used butter cakes and the head is molded from Rice Krispies. I printed of some pics side back front of a giraffe. This one was sitting down. Make the head and neck first using  Rice Krispies. Don’t be scared if it’s not right – just … Read more

Coolest 64 Zoo Lane Birthday Cake

Homemade 64 Zoo Lane Birthday Cake

Aydin and Zara’s 3rd Birthday Party This year, we decided to have a “64 Zoo Lane” birthday theme. A and Z really love Lucy and all the animals on the C Beebies channel. Unfortunately, one can not easily find 64-themed party ware in Botswana (or anywhere else for that matter!) and we decided to go … Read more