Coolest Uniqua Pink Cake

Homemade Uniqua Pink Cake

This was my second time working with fondant and my first time making a stacked cake. I made this for a friend of mine for her 3 year old’s birthday party. The cake was Betty Crocker yellow, it was first frosted and filled with buttercream and then covered with the pink fondant. I mixed all … Read more

Cool Homemade Uniqua Cake

Homemade Uniqua Super Spy Cake

This Uniqua cake was fashioned after the Backyardigans “Master of Disguise” party invitation that you can print off the web. Start with one 9-inch round and one 10-inch round cake. Shape a body from the 10-inch cake by carving away bottom and side pieces to form knee and elbow. Use one of those pieces for … Read more

Coolest Uniqua Birthday Cake

Homemade Uniqua Birthday Cake

This Uniqua Birthday Cake I made for my daughter’s first birthday. I made a three tiered cake, and put a crumb coat on each layer. I use wooden dowels, and cake boards in between the layers to keep them from caving in with the weight of the top tiers. I then colored my fondant into … Read more

Cool Homemade Uniqua Birthday Cake

Homemade Uniqua Birthday Cake

My daughter loves The Backyardigans, with Uniqua being her favourite, so I decided to make her a Uniqua cake for her birthday. Thank goodness, I thought, because she has a round head! I used a box cake for the bottom, and another one baked in a round pan for the top layer. Her smile, her … Read more

Coolest Uniqua Cake

Homemade Uniqua Cake

To make this Uniqua cake as shown, you will need: Aluminum foil 14×20 piece of cardboard 3 boxes of cake mix (your choice) 10 inch round cake pan 2- 12 inch round cake pan royal icing (stiff decorating icing) red food coloring gel black food coloring gel stiff white card stock (for her eyes) The … Read more

Cool DIY Backyardigan’s Uniqua Cake Ideas

Backyardigan's Uniqua Cake Photos and Tips

This Uniqua cake was extremely easy and fun. We used a round cake pan for Uniqua’s head. After the cake had cooled we placed it in the freezer to make it easier to handle. Add a drop or two of red food coloring to vanilla icing to make Uniqua’s light pink color. Ice the cake … Read more

Coolest Uniqua Birthday Cake

This is my first homemade birthday cake. I have not made many cakes at all, in fact this Uniqua cake is the first cake I have done using layers and also my first time using fondant! I had so much fun making it and for a cake full of firsts I was really pleased with … Read more

Coolest Uniqua Cake 2

My daughter wanted a Backyardigans theme for her 3rd birthday, so I made her a Uniqua cake. After searching the internet for a Backyardigans birthday cake I was unsuccessful (except for the recipe on Nick Jr. which sounded far too difficult and expensive.)I didnt have any templates or patterns. I just had her stuffed critters … Read more

Coolest Uniqua Birthday Cake 3

Uniqua from “The Backyardigans” is a favorite with many little girls in the 3-5 age range. I looked around the Internet for a Uniqua cake idea and finally downloaded a coloring page. I cut out the figure and “toothpick-traced” around it. Outline trace in where your polka dots will be and fill in with light … Read more

Coolest Uniqua Cake 4

I made this Uniqua cake for a friends daughters party. She loved The Backyardigans, mainly Uniqua. So I searched the internet for a picture of just her and printed it off and used it as a template. I made a flat sheet cake and butter cream icing. Then I just traced her on the cake … Read more