Cool Homemade Uniqua Cake

This Uniqua cake was fashioned after the Backyardigans “Master of Disguise” party invitation that you can print off the web.

Start with one 9-inch round and one 10-inch round cake. Shape a body from the 10-inch cake by carving away bottom and side pieces to form knee and elbow. Use one of those pieces for boot. Now, flatten top of 10-inch cake and bottom of 9-inch cake. Lay 9-inch cake offset for head, carving away to shape hat and face.

Frost face and right leg with pink buttercream. Tint remaining icing darker with rose color. Frost hat, coat and sides of cake. Add spots to face. Tint small portion of pink-rose icing with violet and pipe smile onto face. Pipe jacket trim of white icing. Eyes, hands and glasses are cut from fondant and colored with edible markers.

Serve on half-sheet size board covered with pink foil. A hit with every pre-school child in the neighborhood!