Coolest Homemade 3D Bagpuss Cake

Homemade Bagpuss Cake

This Bagpuss Cake I made for my friend’s daughter last May. It’s made of Madeira with a buttercream filling and crumb layer and then a sugarpaste outer case. The sugerpaste was ‘feathered’ to create the fur effect and the whiskas are made from florestry wire. I try and make cakes as real as possible, some … Read more

Coolest Bagpuss Birthday Cake

Homemade Bagpuss Birthday Cake

My daughter chose a Bagpuss theme for her 7th birthday party and it was a real nostalgia trip for me! I just had to try and make a Homemade Bagpuss Birthday Cake and was really pleased with the results. I used a 1 litre pudding basin cake (halved & filled with buttercream) for the body … Read more

Coolest Bagpuss Cake

Homemade Bagpuss Cake

We’re really short of money at the moment, and so I decided to make my own birthday cake, using whatever I had available in the cupboard. The Bagpuss Cake is made of Wright’s Madeira cake mix, and also their chocolate fudge mix, which I gave a marbled look, then sandwiched together with jam and butter … Read more