Coolest Dori from Finding Nemo Cake

Dori from Finding Nemo Cake

For my niece’s 18 birthday, she wanted a Dori from Finding Nemo cake, she loves her! So I made a regular cake, outlined Dori and made seaweed on the bottom of the cake. I used a white icing background. Piped Dori, free handed, in black. Filled her in with blue and teal green, and yellow … Read more

Cool Dory Cakes and Finding Nemo Birthday Cakes for Kids

Coolest Birthday Cakes for Kids on the Web's Largest Homemade Cake Gallery

I love making cool themed birthday cakes for kids. I found a finding Nemo picture (coloring page) online of Dory and printed a copy. Using a regular 9×13 cake pan I cut out the fish shape and frosted the cake in with the correct colors. The kids loved the cake and I received numerous compliments. … Read more