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Mulan Cake

My daughter was very interested in China and wanted a Chinese theme for her birthday. We decided on a Mulan cake but I couldn’t find any Mulan cakes out there to get ideas. So, I forged one alone. This cake was my most simple as far as construction goes, but it took me the longest … Read more

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My daughter wanted a Mulan cake for her family birthday party, so I searched the internet for scene ideas, downloaded a picture, sized it, and printed it on a clear overhead. I iced the cake in three colors for the background (sky, ground, shaded ground). I added white icing to the blue iced part to … Read more

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My daughter wanted a Mulan birthday party for her friends. I searched on the internet for ideas and came up with the basic idea for a Mushu cake. I baked a bundt cake, cut it in half and shifted one half to make an S’ shape. After the icing crusted over, I pressed the end … Read more