Cool Homemade Sleeping Beauty Doll Birthday Cake

Homemade Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake

I went on Coolest-Barbie-Cakes to get ideas and just from that designed my own Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake. I went and bought the Wilton Barbie Cake Mold and made that then cooled it. Frosted it with Wilton Icing then colored the fondant and laid it on the cake, then cut a small hole at the … Read more

Coolest Sleeping Beauty Cake

Homemade Sleeping Beauty Cake

This is a sleeping beauty cake I made for my niece. It is a rectangular cake which I lightly frosted with white buttercream. I made a green vine around the sides of the cake. I then made a bunch of fondant flowers, using a fondant flower punch. I placed them on the vines around the … Read more