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Cool Homemade Sleeping Beauty Doll Birthday Cake

I went on Coolest-Barbie-Cakes to get ideas and just from that designed my own Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake. I went and bought the Wilton Barbie Cake Mold and made that then cooled it. Frosted it with Wilton Icing then colored the fondant and laid it on the cake, then cut a small hole at the top to put the barbie in later.

Then took piping gel and added sparkles and designed the swirl on the dress with any metal shinny thing you can find to resemble the jewels. Then I popped the legs off her Sleeping Beauty doll and wrapped the bottom dress with saran wrap the bottom of her dress so I could keep the original design of Sleeping Beauty. Then put the Barbie of Sleeping Beauty in the cake and fix everything.

3 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Sleeping Beauty Doll Birthday Cake”

  1. Nancy;

    OMG..it turned out great…you have such a talent when it comes to being creative…keep it up. I bet the twins loved the cake..

    You should have designed my big 50 birthday cake!!!



  2. Hi, Nancy

    I love you cake. It was very beauty. I am planning to make a sleeping beauty cake for 3 years old girl. I don’t understand how you put saran wrap on the bottom of the dress. Would you please tell me more detail how to put it there? I would be very appreciated. You can reply through e-mail: amyc@gardenhomes.com

    Thanks for your sharing.



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