Cool Homemade Smurfs Mushroom House

Smurfs Mushroom House

The Smurfs have always been a childhood favourite of mine, who can resist those little blue creatures. When my second boy turned 1, I decided on a Smurfy theme which was perfect as it was blue and white. Now combined with my love for Smurfs, is my love for fairy-tale mushroom houses so I decided … Read more

My First 3D Cake (Smurf House)

This lady came to me one day with a picture of a Smurf House cake that she had found on Google, and she asked me if I could make it for her daughter’s birthday.  I had never made any 3D cakes before, but I couldn’t loose this client, so I didn’t even think, I just … Read more

Coolest 3D Smurf Cake with Smurfs

Coolest 3D Smurf Cake with Smurfs

This was my first Smurf cake! My friend asked me to make it for her daughter. I made the Smurfs from chocolate. The roof was made from a bowl cake that I carved to look more “mushroom-like”. Of course, my kids were there to eat up the scraps and “cake-tops” as they call them, lol. … Read more

Coolest Smurfiette’s House Cake

Homemade Smurfiette's House Cake

I did this Smurfiette’s House Cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. I was reading one of Debbie Brown’s books and when my daughter saw the image of this cake she immediately fell in love with it although she never saw any Smufs cartoons before. Actually the cake consists of two bowl cakes, one being slightly … Read more

Coolest Smurf Birthday Cake

Homemade Smurf Birthday Cake

My grandson wanted a Smurf Birthday Cake to take to his preschool for his birthday. He had just seen the new movie. It actually was easy to do this cake using the Wilton Paisley (or teardrop) pan. I am a box cake mix girl and used a white mix I had at home already. This … Read more

Coolest Smurf Cake

Homemade Smurf Cake

My 3 year old son is just in love with the Little Blue People the Smurfs, so it just had to be that for his birthday cake this year. I decided on making a Smurf Village for him. The base was just two square cakes put together to make a slab. A 3 mix of … Read more