Coolest Yugioh Birthday Cake

Homemade Yugioh Birthday Cake

I made this Yugioh birthday cake for my avid Yugi Oh card collecting son. I used a Wilton Sheet Cake pan with 3 cake mixes. I always use a white or butter cake so that icing is easier. (lazy!) I mixed a small amount of red food coloring into a basic buttercream icing and it … Read more

Coolest Homemade Yugioh Character Cakes

Coolest Yugioh Character Cakes on the Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Gallery

For my son’s 8th birthday we had the honor of having his party at our local toy store. The store was having a Yugioh dueling day so I went with the theme and made a Yugioh character cake. For the cake I always use Duncan Hines. It seems to be the moistest on the market. … Read more

Coolest Yugioh Character Cake Photos and Tips 2

My grandson wanted a Yugioh character cake. I got some action figures on Ebay and was afraid I couldnt use them because they were so small. I decided to make a small round layer and create Yu-gi’s picture (since he wasn’t one of the figures received!) and use the other figures around the base of … Read more

Coolest Yugioh Character Cake Photos and Tips 3

I have two young boys who love to watch and play Yugioh. So when I was buying a pinata for my younger son’s 6th birthday I came across a Yugioh character piñata, which helped me with his cake idea. I drew a Yugioh character head on a piece of paper that measured perfectly center with … Read more