Coolest Star Trek Mister Spock Cake

Homemade Star Trek Mister Spock Cake

I used the Wilton Superhero pan and one cake mix for this Star Trek Mister Spock Cake. Bake according to directions. After baked, cool completely. I used buttercream in ivory for the flesh color, blue for the shirt, black for the hair and facial features and yellow for the background. I added some fondant for … Read more

Coolest Star Trek Voyager Cake

Homemade Star Trek Voyager Cake

We made two cakes (lemon and poppy seed) to create this Star Trek Voyager Cake. We baked one in a casserole dish to make the oval shape of the body, and another in a loaf tin, which we sliced into pieces for the wings. We assembled the whole thing on the tray before we decorated … Read more

Coolest Star Trek Enterprise Cake

Homemade Star Trek Enterprise Cake

This was a homemade Star Trek Enterprise cake I made for my husband. It was a double vanilla bean sponge. Made the vanilla cake and sandwiched it with a filling of fluffy white American frosting and smooth raspberry Jam. Mixing with an electric beater to add lots of air, sifting all the dry ingredients to … Read more