Coolest Homemade Halo Warthog Cake

I started this Halo Warthog cake by baking a square base for the ground then covered it with chocolate frosting and Giradelli chocolate that I blended into “dirt” pieces in the blender.  (That was DELICIOUS!!)  Then I baked the next cake in a race car mold because it was the closest shape to the Halo jeep.  … Read more

Coolest Master Chief from Halo Cake

Halo Cake

My neighbor’s son wanted a Halo party for his 6th birthday. He wanted Master Chief’s helmet for his cake. We looked at a few pictures from the game and came up with this design. We started with 2 9×13 cakes and 3 round cakes (each layer a different flavor). We stacked 2 of the round … Read more

Coolest HALO Grunt Birthday Cake

Homemade HALO Grunt Birthday Cake

Every year my children ask me to “make” their cake instead of purchasing a themed cake and every year the request’s get a little more difficult!! Usually leaving me worried that last minute I would be making a “Mad Dash” the the local bakery or specialty ice cream parlor for a quick fix after my … Read more

Coolest Halo Master Chief Cake

Homemade Halo Master Chief Cake

My daughter and I created this Halo Master Chief cake for a 5 year old’s birthday, though the kid isn’t allowed to play the game, he still LOVES Halo. We used 2 1/2 10″ cakes and 2 1/4 8″ cakes with a dense cake. We began carving and shaping and then crumb coated. The whole … Read more

Coolest Halo X-Box Cake

Homemade Halo X-Box Cake

My step son wanted a Halo and Xbox cake for his 8th birthday, so we Googled some images and tried it out. The Xbox was easy, just 2 9×13 cakes stacked and covered in fondant. Should have leveled it off but was in a hurry. I used a paint brush and food coloring to add … Read more