Cool Homemade Bionicles Cake

Cool Homemade Child Birthday Cake Ideas and How-To Tips

My son loves “Bionicles” by Lego – but you cannot find kits for them. So I just had to come up with a Bionicles child birthday cake for his 7th birthday. I love to sculpt and I get to do cakes at work, and I just knew the two could work together. Step 1: I … Read more

Coolest Bionicle Birthday Cake

Homemade Bionicle Birthday Cake

I made this Bionicle Mask Cake for my son’s seventh birthday. He loves Bionicles. They are a Lego toy that has a whole story line along with buildable figures, video games, comic books, and even movies. They are very detailed figures, so I focused on the face mask. I first rolled out a large piece … Read more