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Coolest Bionicle Birthday Cake

I made this Bionicle Mask Cake for my son’s seventh birthday. He loves Bionicles. They are a Lego toy that has a whole story line along with buildable figures, video games, comic books, and even movies. They are very detailed figures, so I focused on the face mask.

I first rolled out a large piece of white gum paste. I then laid the gum paste over my son’s Halloween Bionicle mask and pushed down to imprint as much of the detail as possible. I left the gum paste on top of the Halloween mask for about three days to dry. It was still a little moist when I slowly pulled it off the mask.

I then baked and stacked three 9″ round cakes. I carefully laid the gum paste mask on top of the stacked cakes. I molded it to fit the cakes as best as I could and then cut the excess cake off from around the gum paste mask. I rolled gum paste like a snake, and then placed them on top of the mask in certain areas to add a 3D look. I then outlined and filled in the eyes and certain sections of the mask with black food coloring. I used edible gold dust and brushed it over the entire mask, avoiding the already colored black sections.

My son loved it; of course it was just the face, but it was still a Bionicle!

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