Coolest Christmas Santa Clause Cake

Homemade Christmas Santa Clause Cake

We made this Christmas Santa Clause Cake for our child for Christmas. The idea came from a doll house that I had as a child with a tiny version of this cake (you can see it in the picture). Our child liked it also all these years later and asked us to make a real … Read more

Coolest Santa Fell in Chimney Cake

Homemade Santa Fell in Chimney Cake

Every year, our extended family gets together for a large Christmas celebration. This year, I decided to make a large, pretty cake for everyone including chocolate decorations. The kids are sure to love the chocolate! This Santa Fell in Chimney Cake is a 11×15 inch Neapolitan cake. The bottom layer is chocolate, middle layer is … Read more

Cool Homemade Santa Claus Cake

Homemade Santa Claus Cake

I made this Santa Claus cake using two four inch round petite cakes and a cupcake. I iced the two petite cake and iced the cupcake up side down onto the petite cakes. I then took a 102 rose tip and piped a nose. I then used an air brush to color his face and … Read more