Coolest Homemade Funny Divorce Cake

Funny Divorce Cake

Going through a 3 year divorce is exhausting mentally and physically but you learn how to push yourself and it helps if you have a good sense of humor through it.  I wanted to celebrate my own divorce but you realize that you can’t after all the bills come. So I wanted to celebrate with … Read more

One of a Kind Divorce Cake

One of a Kind Divorce Cake

This cake was inspired by a classic wedding cake, but it’s for a divorce so needed to step a little to the darker side! I’m not a professional baker, I just do it as a hobby for friends and family and try to give them what they request. My sister simply asked for a divorce … Read more

Divorce Cake

I had this idea from the famous Shanna Moaker divorce cake but specific to my friend’s ex-husband, who was a musician. I was bringing it to a restaurant for her Divorce Party. The purple trim is icing. The blood is red icing with some corn syrup to make it more liquidy to pour on cake. … Read more

Coolest Ice Cream Divorce Cake

Homemade  Ice Cream Divorce Cake

First of all, the name is a little misleading. You see, there is no real ice cream involved! It’s all sculpted cake and butter cream icing! I even surprised myself with the final look! This was for my brother-in-law, Scott; his birthday is in August, and his divorce was finalized in July. I decided to … Read more