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Coolest Homemade Funny Divorce Cake

Going through a 3 year divorce is exhausting mentally and physically but you learn how to push yourself and it helps if you have a good sense of humor through it.  I wanted to celebrate my own divorce but you realize that you can’t after all the bills come. So I wanted to celebrate with everyone the easiest, least expensive way I could. So I decided to make a funny divorce cake since I could.

I searched for different designs on google but they were very limited.  I saw some ideas I really liked and put them all together.  Since I didn’t have much money I decided to try my luck at the 25 cent machine at my local Harris Teeter.  I took out a whole bunch of quarters I found in my purse and put the first quarter in the machine.  Then, I got my prize and to my surprise it was a gold ring with a question mark.  I can’t believe how excited I was to only spend 25 cents on a ring!!!  I felt like I won the lottery and immediately shared the news with my boyfriend.

But I had to make it look more like a wedding ring so then I searched Walmart and went to the button section.  There I found fake jewels I could use and used a hot glue gun to attach it to the ring.  For the for sale sign I found cardboard paper sitting on my counter top and cut a little piece out (it was actually trash I hadn’t put in the garbage can yet).  I don‘t have pictures of the back of the sign but it was perfect because it had part of a bar code attached.

Then I sculpted a poop emoji (just because it’s my favorite and I thought it would be fitting for the occasion).

When I made the cake I wanted it to be pretty simple and easy. So I decided to pour cool chocolate ganache over the cake and just pipe chocolate ganache on the bottom.  Inside the cake I added random baking candies I found in my kitchen. So I added Butterfinger bites to the vanilla cake and Nestles Crunch to the chocolate cake.

Reactions to my Funny Divorce Cake

Everyone loved the idea and taste of the cake.  People kept on coming up to me saying it was a great idea and that it was delicious.  Even through the hardest storms you can still give to other people and God will provide for you.

Funny Divorce Cake
I actually put the ring on my finger and it was a perfect fit!
Funny Divorce Cake
The lucky machine at Harris Teeter

Funny Divorce Cake