Coolest Van Gogh’s Starry Night Cake

Homemade Van Gogh's Starry Night Cake

I made this Van Gogh’s Starry Night Cake for my dad’s birthday. It’s just a plain old chocolate cake from the box with white frosting. I took a couple handfuls of coconut and colored them to match the painting and just decorated the cake to look like starry night.

Coolest Starry Night Birthday Cake

Homemade Starry Night Birthday Cake

My cousin and I decorated this Starry Night Birthday Cake for a birthday party. We dipped toothpicks in food coloring to make the details. The background was piped. The cake itself is just regular box cake with vanilla frosting.

Coolest Art Decco Lady Cake

Homemade Art Decco Lady Cake

I made this Art Decco Lady Cake for my friend’s mom’s 60th birthday. I drew a picture of a lady, placed greaseproof paper over the top of her and using royal icing piped around and filled her in in stages, letting each section dry so the icing wouldn’t run into each other. I then made … Read more

Cool Cake Inspired by Salavdor Dali Painting

Unusual Birthday Cakes Inspired by Famous Paintings

This is a cake for my sister’s birthday. She is an artist and I wanted to make this Salvador Dali cake. It is a white cake with buttercream frosting orange icing spray. I printed out a desert background and glued a piece of card board to place behind the cake. The clock is made from … Read more