April Fools Madagascar Hissing Roach Cake

April fools Madagascar Hissing roach cake

My brother-in-law reaches out to me and plans with me to make a cake for my youngest sister whose birthday falls on it April Fools Day. She has always hated roaches. Because when we lived in Puerto Rico when we were younger she got a huge cockroach stuck in her hair. She laughed so hard … Read more

Funny Toilet Paper Cake

Birthday cake for a customer

I loved making this cake. I laughed the whole time I was making it. Especially around this coronavirus situation. A customer requested it for her husband. I had seen one or two toilet paper cakes previously and I wanted mines to look a little different and the customers loved it and found it hilarious.

Cool Converse Sneaker Cake

Converse Sneaker Cake

I absolutely loved making this converse sneaker cake! My son Tim was turning 14 so I wanted to make a cake that was cool and fun. This one really had to be perfect as his 13th birthday was a disaster. I fell seriously ill on the day of his 13th and was admitted to hospital. … Read more

Cool Record Player Birthday Cake

Record player birthday cake

I made this record player birthday cake with chocolate mud cake and chocolate butter cream covered in fondant. The colors and shading done with tea all pieces of the player and record is eatable. This birthday cake was still my favourite mud cake that I made. I used a large square tin to make the cake … Read more

Coolest Mack Truck Cake

Coolest Mack truck for friends Mom

This was the hardest cake I ever attempted. Both in time and in challenges. I’ve been making cakes for friends, family and charity for many years, and when my friend came to me with a picture of a semi truck that his mom started out driving I was a bit hesitant as I know nothing … Read more

Awesome Homemade Sharknado Cake

Sharknado cake!

We made this Sharknado cake for our son’s 11th Birthday. We’re fans of the cheesy sharknado movies, so this was perfect! We made the chainsaw out of rice cereal treats, and lots of fondant. The shark teeth was the hardest! It took several tries sculpting the teeth.

Coolest Homemade James the Train Birthday Cake

James the train cake

My almost 4 years old son had one cake idea in mind, a James the train cake! Not Thomas, not another train, it had to be James. It was difficult to find inspiration on the web, as most kids want a Thomas (I already did a Thomas for my oldest) and he wanted it “standing … Read more

Unicorn? Pegasus? No! It’s an Alicorn Birthday Cake!


Many people mistake the alicorn for a unicorn or a pegasus. The alicorn is in fact its own amazing mythical creature. It has the horn of the unicorn and the wings of the pegasus. I had seen a lot of unicorn cakes like this one floating around the Internet but adding the wings just made … Read more

The Quarantine Birthday Cake – Toilet Paper Roll Cake!

Toilet Paper Cake

Once the country started to shut down, people for whatever reason decide that toilet paper would be the “hot commodity”! Even though I would never use this roll of TP in the bathroom, it’s very appropriate for the kitchen! We had to take advantage of this trend to help people smile during this crazy time … Read more

Coolest Homemade Grand Piano Cake (That Almost Bombed!)

Mozart Piano Cake

I made this cake for my friend’s 40th birthday! My friends grandest wish is to someday own his own grand piano, unfortunately the best I could do was make one (on a much smaller scale). This was my friends first real birthday party since he was a kid and I wanted to make it super special. … Read more

Coolest Shark Breach Cake

Shark Breach Cake

This is my oldest son’s 8th birthday cake.  We had a shark themed party.  He wanted a 3-D shark cake. I did about four test cakes on this one.  I was wanting to make a shark’s head with its mouth open. (I have included a pic of the test cake)  I made this same cake … Read more

Awesome CV-22 Osprey Cake

CV22 Osprey

This CV-22 Osprey cake is three feet long and almost 55 pounds. It was a giant cake made for the military. It took 2 people to move it and was a 1/20th scale replica with a wood and pvc skeleton, scaling all the dimensions from the actual plane. I used rice cereal treats  for bottom 2 inches, and 6 … Read more

Coolest New Born Baby Unicorn Cake

New born baby Unicorn

This unicorn cake was made for a friends little girl first birthday. It was a mystery on how I was going to make it. I decided to use a Easter egg cake mold for the. Body and head. Had to made a platform with dowels to support the head. I covered it with a crumb … Read more

Solar System Cake without Food Coloring

Solar System Cake

My daughter loves everything related to the space, so she decided her birthday theme would be the space, with a Solar System cake. We reviewed lots of space cakes’ pictures, and researched the planets – colors, sizes, ratio between them… I baked a circle shaped cake, covered it with chocolate and drew the orbit of the … Read more

Coolest Orchid Cake – Handmade Flowers!

Coolest Orchid Cake--Tropical Delight

My friend wanted a cake for an aunt who loves tropical flowers. Can I do orchids? Oh yes, and those big orange ones—birds of paradise flowers? Sure!! Thank goodness for YouTube! After watching a bunch of videos, picking up one hint here, another there, and the general principles from all over, I bought three sets … Read more

Happy 3D Sloth Cake | Coolest Homemade Birthday Cakes

Happy Sloth Cake

My daughter was turning 13 and wanted a Sloth themed birthday party. A Sloth cake sounded tricky at first, but I found that sloths are ragingly popular at the moment. So, decorating was actually fun and easy. But she also wanted a sloth cake which could be considered “semi-realistic”. I decided to do just the … Read more

12+ Pretty DIY Princess Cakes – Awesome Homemade Birthday Cake Ideas!

Coolest Princess Czkes

This cool collection of pretty Princess cakes is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Princess cakes ever. Good luck! Dancing Princess Barbie Doll Cake Princess cakes submitted by Jules H. I made the body for this fairy princess birthday cake about a week in advance, used a mold I had pre-done … Read more

12+ Coolest Castle Cake Ideas – Awesome Homemade Castle Cake Designs!

Coolest Castle Cake Ideas

This great collection of Castle cake ideas and designs is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Castle cake ever. Good luck! Simple Castle Cake for my Birthday Girl Castle cake submitted by Jody B. First of all, you need to know that I am a beginner when it comes to cake decorating. … Read more

12+ Coolest Disney Princess Cake Ideas – Awesome DIY Cake Decorating!

Disney Princess Cake Ideas

This cool collection of Disney Princess cake ideas and designs is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Disney Princess cakes ever. Good luck! Disney Princess Cake Pops Disney Princess cake submitted by Stella S. This was my very first attempt at making cake pops, but I was up to the challenge. … Read more

12+ Inspiring Homemade Princess Birthday Cake Ideas

Princess Birthday Cake Ideas

This awesome collection of Princess birthday cake ideas and designs is sure to provide you with creative inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Princess cake ever. Good luck! Princess Holly Cake Princess birthday cake submitted by Michelle I was asked to make a Princess Holly cake for my friends’ 4 year old daughter. I started making celebration cakes as … Read more

10+ Coolest Princess Cake Ideas

Coolest Princess Cake Ideas

This cool collection of Princess cake cake ideas and designs is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest Princess cake cake ever. You’ll find cake design ideas for Ariel, Anna and Elsa, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, Sofia, Aurora and Snow White. Good luck! Awesome Ariel Cake Princess cake submitted by … Read more

5 Dinosaur Cake Ideas of Jurassic Proportions


Are dinosaurs extinct? No way! We’ve spotted them among these cool dinosaur cake ideas. Kids are fascinated with dinosaurs and often request birthday party themes based on them. Don’t be intimidated if your children asks for a stegosaurus, triceratops, or t-rex cake. You can make it happen. Jurassic Park awakened these prehistoric creatures with some … Read more

20+ Coolest Train Cake Ideas to Inspire Your Birthday Cake Decorating

Train Cake

This cool collection of train cake ideas and designs is sure to provide you with inspiration as you set off to create the coolest train cake ever. Enjoy and good luck! 4th Birthday Train Cake Submitted by Emily S. My son loves trains and wanted a train party for his 4th. So, I made simple chocolate cupcake toppers shaped like … Read more

Beautiful Homemade Ballerina Cake

Beautiful Ballerina Cake

For my daughter’s 5th birthday, she asked for a ballerina cake. I’m not the best at envisaging a wonderful creation in my head so I used CakeGirl from Flickr’s cake (not sure if hers was the original, I think so though). Mine is a little different. I made 2 moist chocolate crazy cakes (this recipe … Read more