Coolest Yarn Cake

Homemade Yarn Cake

This yarn cake was so much fun to make! I used 2 – 9 inch rounds and then added 2 of the mini balls that I made from the Wilton mini ball pan. I frosted the mini balls with the same colors that I was going to use for the yarn and then added the … Read more

Coolest Knitting Cake

Unique Cake Designs, Photos and Tips

Two friends in my craft group share a birthday. They are both avid knitters so I thought of these interesting and different design of a knitting basket. I used regular 8” rounds for the basket. The balls of yarn were actually made from a mini-Jack O’ Lantern pan because that’s what I had on hand. … Read more

Cool Homemade Sewing Basket Cake

Sewing Basket Cake

I had a lady request a cake from me. She wanted a flat half sheet cake with pictures printed of sewing items on it. I had asked her if it was all right if I played with it a bit and see what I could come up with. Well, need less to say she loved … Read more

Coolest Ball Of Wool / Knitting Cake

Homemade  Ball Of Wool / Knitting Cake

I was asked by a friend to make a cake as a ball of wool for someone who loves knitting. This is the Ball Of Wool / Knitting Cake I came up with! The cake is a vanilla Madeira sponge done in the Wilton ball tin I have stuck the 2 halves together with butter … Read more

Coolest Yarn and Knitting Needles Cake

Homemade Yarn and Knitting Needles Cake

This Yarn and Knitting Needles Cake was for my mom who knits baby photo props for fun and happens to make money doing it! I meant to make it round, but I didn’t have a soccer ball cake pan, so I baked two halves in a round glass Pyrex bowl. That didn’t work out so … Read more

Coolest Knitting Bag Cake

Homemade Knitting Bag Cake

I made this homemade knitting bag cake for my Grandmother’s birthday. She is an avid knitter and when I saw this idea online I knew that it was the perfect cake to make. I started with three 8-inch round cakes; trimming them to an oval shape, layered, iced and covered with ivory fondant. For the … Read more

Coolest Knitting Cake

Homemade Knitting Cake

The basket is cake covered with fondant; weave is done with a texture mat. The rim is twisted ropes of fondant. I started with fondant dyed a pale yellow then used brown gel food color with vodka to paint basket. Yarn balls are oversize red velvet cupcakes wrapped in colored fondant then wound with strands … Read more

Coolest Knitting Birthday Cake

Homemade Knitting Birthday Cake

My mother-in-law is an avid knitter so for her birthday my son suggested that I make her a Knitting Birthday Cake. I started with a two layer oval cake. I used the Wilton basket weave design for outside of the cake. I shaped two cupcakes into yarn balls and covered them with strands of colored … Read more

Coolest Ball Of Yarn Cake

Homemade Ball Of Yarn Cake

I made this ball of yarn cake for my friend Rochelle’s birthday. She loves knitting, and adored this cake. I used the Wilton ball cake pan, filled and frosted the cake with pink buttercream, and then covered with coral-tinted fondant. I got the fondant recipe off, and it was the first time I’d worked … Read more

Cool Homemade Knitting Cake

Homemade Knitting Cake

I was asked to make a knitting cake for a lady who knits – a lot. So I decided to make her a basket of yarn. I stacked 8 inch cake rounds for the basket and carved them into the basket shape. The basket was then covered in marshmallow fondant which I cut into strips … Read more