Coolest Baby Shower Bathtub Cake

Homemade Baby Shower Bathtub Cake

I made this Baby Shower Bathtub Cake for my friends baby shower. I made (2) 13X9 one chocolate and one vanilla. I placed cakes in the freezer for easier handling. Apply frosting to center and add top layer. I cut out the center of the 13X9 to match the size of the plastic container. Frost … Read more

Coolest Duck and Rubber Ducky Birthday Cake Designs 7

For my daughters 1st birthday, I decided on a duck theme and searched for cool birthday cake designs. “Duck” was the only word she knew and what to associate it with, so that’s what we did. I’ve never made a 3-D cake before and decided against buying a 3-D cake pan, because I wanted it … Read more

Coolest Tub Cake

Tub of Fun Cake

This cake is a tub cake with ducks swimming in it. I used two 9×13 inch pan to make the cake and cut the center out of one of them. I made blue jello and used it for the water in the tub. The faucet is just some foil that I shaped to look like … Read more

Coolest Duck and Rubber Ducky Birthday Cake Designs 8

My daughter wanted a ducky party for her 2nd birthday. I made white cupcakes and decorated them with light blue icing. Just white icing with a little blue food coloring. Then to add the bubble effect. I cut small white marshmallows in half and rolled them into little balls to put on the cupcakes. Finally, … Read more

Coolest Bath Cake

Reading In The Bath Cake

My friend always reads in the bath so thought it was apt for me to make her a bath cake, with that in mind. I first baked 2,9″x13″ rectangle cakes. When they were cool, I shaped the edges to appear like a bath. I used an already prepared vanilla frosting and added some almond flavour … Read more

Coolest Duck and Rubber Ducky Birthday Cake Designs 9

This was a cake just for my son on his first birthday. I baked a tall, round 5″ cake and frosted it blue. I then added grass on the bottom. I used the “Happy 1st Birthday” from the store around the rim of the cake. On the back, I used the leftover candy ducks that … Read more

Coolest Hot Tub Cake

Homemade Hot Tub Cake

This Hot Tub Cake was for a friend who graduated with her master’s. They recently purchased a hot tub and thought that should be my theme. The cake was 2 layers with the top having an area hollowed out. It was covered in fondant that I marbled to match the color of their hot tub. … Read more

Coolest Duck and Rubber Ducky Birthday Cake Designs 10

My sons 1st birthday party theme was Rubber Ducky. I baked a single layer, 16″ chocolate cake with Bavarian cream filling for the base. Then I baked the 3D Duck ( Wilton ‘s pan) using a yellow pound cake recipe. Unfortunately, the duck didn’t rise 100%, so I chopped him in half and laid him … Read more