Coolest Homemade Spider Cupcakes 1

I just made cakes with normal cupcake recipe 3 eggs, 3oz sugar, 3oz butter and 6oz flour and baked in cases. Once cool, I covered them in glace icing, just icing sugar and water. Then decorated the spiders cupcakes with one chocolate button for body, liquorice strips cut for legs then dropped a small amount … Read more

Coolest Spider Cake

Homemade Spider Cake

My at the time 2 year old daughter was going through a phase where she was mad on spiders. Her favorite video was ‘spider in the bath’ – also one of my favorites when I was a little girl! With her 3rd birthday approaching I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, to which … Read more

Coolest Spider Cake

Spider Cake

I made this spider cake for my son Jake’s 2nd Birthday. I had a whole Spider man theme going on and wanted the cake to be a little bit different than the normal spider man so I came up with this idea of putting the huge spider on the web. I still used the traditional … Read more

Coolest Spider Cake Ideas 0

My son really wanted a tarantula cake for his fifth birthday. The base is a rectangular sheet cake iced white with a black web. The body of the spider cake is a soccer ball cake mold. I trimmed the front part down to make it lower and cut the sides off to make it more … Read more