Coolest Miss Spider Cake Photos and How-To Tips 5

My son wanted a “Miss Spiders Sunny Patch” birthday. As of this write-up, there is nothing out there with regards to party favors, party supplies, etc. with the Miss Spider theme, so I was on my own. We decided to use a theme called “Bugs Everywhere” for the tablecloth, blow outs, napkins, and hanging decorations. … Read more

Coolest Spider Cake

Homemade Spider Cake

I made this spider cake for a co-worker. His birthday falls on Halloween so I decided to make a spider web cake with the spider crawling on the side. I used 2 8-inch round chocolate cakes and used white buttercream to ice the cake. To make the web & spider I drew it out on … Read more

Coolest Spider Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade  Spider Birthday Cake Idea

My son loves Spiderman, and wanted a spider cake for his 5th birthday, he drew me a picture of how he wanted it, so I got the Spider Birthday Cake Idea to replicate his drawing. I used a rectangular pan and made 4 cakes (I prefer to have more then less). It was a vanilla … Read more

Coolest Homemade Spider Cupcakes 0

Technically these bugs should be spider cupcakes with eight legs but we ran a bit short on legs! The legs were red string candy. We found it easiest to use a skewer to first make the hole before inserting the string. We used chocolate cupcakes covered in chocolate frosting and brown sprinkles. The eyes were … Read more