Cute Worm Bug Party Cake

Cutest Worm Cake Ever!!

My daughter just turned 6. We can barely believe it, the years have gone so fast, yet they also seem to have been a loooong 6 yrs – lol. She asked for a “Worm Party”. Given that this is probably the last year we’ll get away with something non- pink-sparklie-girlie, I took the ball and … Read more

Coolest Green Worm Cake

Homemade Green Worm Cake

I wanted a birthday cake for Ronaldo that is fun and easy to cut for school. As he loves all types of gogga’s, we decided on a Green Worm Cake. It was so easy, even Dad helped. I used 2 round vanilla sponge cakes, made a small hole with a tumbler in the middle of … Read more