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Coolest American Girl Bitty Baby 1st Birthday Cake

I am an avid American Girl doll lover and when I had my little girl, I started her out on Day 3 we have been playing with these dolls. The only birthday theme I wanted to do was an American Girl doll theme but there isn’t any thing out there in that theme for a 1st birthday so I had to come up everything on my own.

I had to do a Bitty Baby cake but since this was my 2nd birthday cake ever to make, I wasn’t sure what to do. Finally, I decided to get a cheap Bitty Baby that looked like her off of eBay. I took the stuffing out and put the cloth body part in a quart size plastic bag with legs and arms poking out of holes I made in the sides and bottom of the bag. I taped the bag to the arms so no cake could get it. Then I zip locked the top of the bag. Next, I bought a Cabbage Patch Kid cake pan off of eBay and used the dress only. (I had to cut off the head, legs, and arms of the CPK). I used a Bitty Baby bonnet and shoes.

Then I used a strawberry cake (which became the dress from the CPK pan) and painted it with white frosting. I then copied the trim on the bonnet onto the cake. I made a cake pillow to help prop the head up so it would go into the cake and the eyes would open some. I had forgotten to put oil in the first cake mix so decided instead of wasting it I would crumble it up the rest of the way and use it as a pink blanket for the baby to lie on.

This homemade American girl bitty baby 1st birthday cake was a hit and my daughter loved it. I was thrilled with it. Although it wasn’t perfectly sculpted, it was definitely one of a kind.

19 thoughts on “Coolest American Girl Bitty Baby 1st Birthday Cake”

  1. I can tell a lot of thought was put into this, and it’s creative, but definitely quite creepy. The baby just lays there while everyone cuts themselves a piece of cake off the body. o_o

  2. Cute cake, but very odd that you chose to make a cake that looks like a baby. You do realize that cakes are meant to be eaten, right? Babies on the other hand, not so much.

  3. I think this is an interesting idea. Not creepy at all. It’s just a doll. Not a real baby. Same principle as a princess cake I’d say. Lol.


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