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Coolest Cabbage Patch Doll Cake

My stepdaughter was turning 3 and it was our first birthday with her as a “family” so I wanted to do something special for her. A friend gave me a Cabbage Patch kid cake pan some time ago, I’ve been wanting to use it, and this was my chance. I noticed that the cake pan kind of looked like her favorite dolly. So I decided to make this Cabbage Patch Doll Cake for her and make it look like her dolly.

She wanted a Vanilla cake so I used your basic cake mix and I also added a pudding mix, this always makes the cake extra moist (very yummy) after the cake was baked and time to cool down. I took some vanilla icing, divided it into 3 bowls to make my color icing. I needed to make red for the hair, blue for the dress, and some grey for the shoes and extras. It took awhile icing the cake but it was worth it. I think it turned out pretty good and my stepdaughter loved it!

Homemade Cabbage Patch Doll Cake

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