Coolest Iggle Piggle Cake

My daughter was hugely into “In The Night Garden” so for her 2nd birthday my husband and I decided to make an Iggle Piggle Cake.  This was our first attempt at a character cake and I must say I was pleased with the result.

I baked a Madeira cake and then my husband carefully carved out the shape of Iggle Piggle.  We then covered the cake in butter cream and covered that with a patchwork of different colored blue fondant icing.  We then made a red blanket out of fondant icing and draped this over Iggle Piggle’s arm.

We cut out white circles for his eyes and then cut away circles from the blue icing and placed the white circles into them. We placed black discs on top. We then added Iggle Piggle’s nose and mouth and his hair.

The cake was a great success and has made me a keen cake maker!