Cool Iggle Piggle Cake for a 2 Year Old

This cake i made for my son’s 2nd birthday who was mad on ‘In the night garden’. He absolutely loved it. It was my second cake ever, the first being his 1st birthday which i’ve also submitted! I got a couple of ideas off this site and then just gave it a go and this is how it turned out!!

The cake is Victoria sponge with jam filling. I put a very thin layer of jam on the cake and then added the rolled fondant icing. (in hindsight i should’ve done a ‘crumb coating’ with butter icing because the bumps are a little plain to see, not that he was bothered at all!

I made Iggle Piggle out of fondant icing, dyed blue with a tiny drop of blue food colouring. He was quite heavy and so i used cocktail sticks to hold his head and arms on (thats also what the two blue circles are on the back- covering up his protruding arm cocktail sticks!!)

The name, and the star were just done with play-dough cutters which was all ihad but i think they look ok. Eyes were art store googly eyes. The blanket was rolled icing as was his hair and feet, dyed with red food colouring and the stitching detail i added by dipping a cocktail stick in blue food colouring, holding the cocktail stick like a pen and just pressing marks round the edges.

The most amusing part was making iggle piggle, he looks a little overweight, but still i got a “wow” from the two year old recipient and that was after all what my hard work was for!!

Cool Iggle Piggle Cake for a 2 Year Old

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