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Coolest Moshi Monsters Birthday Cake and Pops

A friend of mine phoned me to order a cake for her daughter’s 8th birthday. She wanted a Moshi Monsters theme but whilst her daughter wanted cake pops, her mother wanted a cake so they were arguing a bit. She left it in my hands to do whatever I thought it was best. I thought for a while and then had this brilliant idea:- why not making some Moschi Monsters cake pops standing on a cake?.

I baked an 11 inch round chocolate cake and filled it with chocolate ganache. Then I colored some butter cream green and spread it all over the cake making peaks and swirls to create the effect of grass. After the cake was ready I started doing the Moschi Monsters cake pops.

I prepared the cake pops a day ahead by using the left overs method and placed them inside the fridge to settle. I wanted to make 8 of them since it was Ella’s 8th birthday and I knew exactly which ones were her favorites. I covered each cake pop in fondant and then did the tiny decorations to create each Moschi Monster with it very own characteristics. They came really awesome.

I  inserted the cake pops on top of the cake. Made a plaque out of fondant with the name Ella on it and made it look like the Moschi monster’s logo and last but not least I placed some flowers on the ‘grass’ to make it even more girly.

I think that the result speaks for itself.  The cake was so nice and both the mother and the daughter were very pleased because they both had what they wanted.