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Coolest Nick Jr WoW WoW Wubbzy Cake and Cupcakes

I made this Wow Wow Wubbzy Birthday Cake & Cupcakes for a friend. I printed a Wubbzy template I got on the Nick Jr site on Yellow Construction Paper.

I used 1 box of yellow cake in a 13×9.5,2 inch pan

and 1 box of funfetti cake for 24 cupcakes and 4 cans of white/vanilla frosting (2 for yellow & one for black and another for the cupcakes).

After reading some tips on this site, I baked the body first, let cool and then wrap in in saran wrap and put in freezer for 2-3 hours. This will make cutting his ears much easier and less crumby.

(I printed and cut out the head template and used it as a cutting guide. I also covered some cardboard with wax paper to use as a base. This makes icing, storing & transferring a bit easier.)

After cutting, do a crumb coat (thin layer) of frosting and freeze for 30 more minutes.

*Tip: Color frosting right in the container by using just one beater! I made sure to match the color of the frosting to my paper template.

I flipped the pan I used for baking over

and was able to spin or “lazy susan” my cardboard base.

Cover cake with desired amount of frosting. (My frosting job wasn’t perfect, but after I added the facial features it made it look a lot better… so don’t get discouraged.)

Before I added the black, I chilled the cake in the freezer again (for about 15 mins) to give the yellow a chance to set. Add the black features using a bag & writing tip (or snip the corner of a baggie).

Voilà! You’ve created Wubbzy!

(Don’t transfer him to a plate or display board until just before the party. Add his arms, legs & tail at that time as well.) The better chilled he is, the better he’ll do in transport & transfer.

The cupcakes were much easier. You don’t have to worry so much about the frosting being perfect,

because you just dip and roll the iced tops in colored sugar sprinkles. Then top with some Wubbzy ring favors!

This was my first attempt and I must say we were very pleased with how it all came together.

Huge THANKS to all the previous submissions

for their tips & inspiration.

Coolest Nick Jr WoW WoW Wubbzy Cake and Cupcakes

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